Friday, April 24, 2009

New Books of Note

Murray Edwards, an editing client of mine through my business theWORDwright (, has recently published a new collection of short stories. Looking for Lucy Gilligan is a wonderfully quirky collection that is often laugh-out-loud funny, sometimes irreverent, and still manages to prove frequently touching. Don't be fooled by Edwards' dry humor, for he proves a sensitive writer, one who paints portraits of complex, concrete characters unafraid of showing the world themselves as they really are. It is a rewarding first collection. The book offers a wonderful individualized vision of contemporary Texas. Visit the website for the book at

Another recent book of interest that is receiving very good reviews is the true story of a Nazi concentration camp survivor. I am biased on this one, I must admit, for the author is an old college friend--Von Petersen--and I had the pleasure of reading the book while it was still in manuscript. Carl's Story: The Persistence of Hope is a moving true account of one man's unlikely survival of the Nazi horror and of the time he endured at three of the infamous Nazi camps. The book is extremely compelling and an edge-of-the-seat adventure ride of narrow escapes, happen-chance salvation, and enduring hope. It is an important book about commonplace heroism and stoicism. The author and its subject were recently interviewed on NPR, and the book has been well-received by notable authors who have written on the Holocaust. It is available at

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