Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is This the Culture We Want?

A random compendium from a string of news stories in the cycle today:  a London opera about the life of Anna Nicole Smith, a lock of Justin Bieber's hair is auctioned for $40,000 (albeit for charity), a Detroit official has proposed one means of meeting budget needs is to cut funding for HALF of the city's schools, Fox News releases two likely Republican presidential candidates from its payroll (but continues to employ three others, two with their own weekly shows--no platform there, and clearly unbiased news gathering), oh, and yeah, don't forget Libya is bombing its own people for wanting democracy.

Let's hope the Libyan protesters succeed and win their freedom, and let's hope they form a democratic society to a bit higher standards than much of the west has done.  The Tunisians, now helping feed and house tens of thousands of fleeing Libyans seem to have set the real standard even in their fledgling days as newly freed people.  Should we have high hopes for Libyan futures?  Not if Iraq and Afghanistan are our measurements, or if by those examples, certainly not so if the west remains involved in the "nation-building" that follows, which essentially amounts to funding corruption in all corners.  I know we are more than the stuff that wants operas on big-breasted nude models and memorabilia from plastic-molded teenagers, but you have to wonder, is this any culture to aspire to?

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