Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Books

Dirty LoveThe summer beach-read/blockbuster book season has passed and the mass market Christmas season is coming up, but fall is here and it's filled with some new offerings by stand-out writers who are still brave enough to make readers think. As many readers of serious literature know, fall tends to be filled with great new books and this fall is shaping up to have many excellent choices. Look for new titles from that iconic farmer/philosopher Wendell Berry ; another glimpse into the wonderfully strange mind of Chuck Palahniuk ; a new novel from Nobel winner J.M. Coetzee, as well as work from the extremely talented son of my all time favorite, Andre Dubus--Andre Dubus III . Pair that with offerings last month with a new book from the likes of Jumpa Lahiri, and as the nights cool and you begin to use the fireplace again, you've got some great reading ahead.

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